About the New Zealand Society of Ephemerists

Welcome to the WordPress.com blog for the New Zealand Society of Ephemerists.

We are a smallish ephemera society in New Zealand.

The purpose of the Society is to promote interest in ephemera so that it becomes widely recognised as tangible evidence of our past and something worthy of collecting, researching and preserving. While it has a strong collector focus there will be a wider educative and research purpose as well.

The primary goal is regular production of a journal (two or more issues each year with colour illustrations) with articles on ephemera topics both specifically NZ and also the wider Anglophone context (and perhaps other contexts as well). A couple of traditional areas that come to mind are the products of private presses (press announcements, cards, and even recipes) and advertising ( e.g posters, labels). Obviously there is a huge range of material that can qualify, our guide is Maurice Rickard’s Encylopaedia of Ephemera.

As well as raising interest in ephemera the journal is a chance to illustrate material otherwise unseen by most people. To this end the editorial policy requires as far as possible, that all images be from primary sources and preferably unpublished.


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